Our Story

All three of us began our hotel career at Sonargaon PanPacific Hotel at varioustimes in various functional areas. While our length of service varies we were all colleagues in the early 90s. One of us was senior and mentor to the others but we have always maintained collegiality and professionalism. Later in the mid-90s we banded together to establish the first ever full serviced apartment and Boutique Hotel, Best Eastern, in Baridhara, Dhaka. Our individual careers took us on different paths yet our friendship and association remained intact. We are colleagues, friends and business partners. Our association over the years has stood the test of time through our common goals of providing professional, dedicated and result oriented work for our clients and guests. We have spent over three decades in the hotel industry, giving us the experience and ability to understand its needs. To better facilitate the working of this sector we felt the need to build a hospitality management company to help provide the optimal solutions for all existing and upcoming Hospitality Industry ventures. It was a dream to one day establish an institution that provides a one stop solution for the industry. We are proud to say that after gaining years of experience we have been able to do so by establishing Astute Hospitality Management Company Ltd in 2017.